Sunday, December 18, 2016

Character Profile: Gaylea Opalson the Half-elven Green Knight

You knew Gaylia Opalson as half-elf of voluptuous form and jovial personality. Gaylia was always a pleasant sight - whether swinging her battle-axe and shield on the battlefield or enjoying a cup of spiced cider by the fire. As she has always professed, the reward for a job well done is a fine meal and a good drink with companions by the fire. Her full-plate armour was impeccably well-designed, protecting her while hinting at her feminine curves. It was made entirely from unoctium, burnished in such a way as to bring out the natural beauty of the metal.

While clearly a patron of the finer things in life, she was never pretentious or snobbish. Her obvious appreciation for beauty and craftsmanship was never swayed by others’ opinions or the fashion of the day. She’d as likely comment on an elven aristocrat’s gorgeous floral gown as she would the simple but well-made furniture in a crofter’s home. Her tastes did tend toward the natural, and she was particularly pleased by art and objects that expressed the beauty of plants, animals, and other natural things. 

Everyone in the group knows that she was raised in a relatively quiet village called  in an area that is now known as the Singing Glens. Oganesson was a small but prosperous trading spot on the LOCATION TBA (likely near a river). Her human father still lives there, running his shop of unoctium metalwork as a master worker of unoctium and even if she hadn’t been part of your traveling group you might have heard of his great skill as an artisan of unoctium. In fact through your years traveling you each have some item made or adorned with unoctium (the pommel of a dagger, a belt buckle, etc). 

You all have visited her ‘Papa’ at least once. As a group of road-weary, battle worn adventurers returning from your last life-or-death experience, healing from wounds, having eaten trail mix and rations for weeks, and feeling like the dirt was now a part of you, arriving at the spacious but cozy home of Piotre Opalson was a pleasure that left an impression on you. Any time you met he would welcome you in as if you were his own offspring, rather than his daughter’s adventuring companions. A hot bath, a vast meal of incredible home-cooked food (that made you appreciate how Gaylia's fine palate developed), a peaceful sleep in the most comfortable bed anywhere, and within a day or so you would feel refreshed and renewed. In the evenings he and his daughter would sing and play, and he’d revel in the tales of bravery around the fire. He had the uncanny ability to make each one of you feel special and appreciated for your contribution to the group. 

In battle Gaylia has been responsible for saving each of your lives more than once. Between her martial skills, her ability to take a hit from even the biggest brutes, and her connection to the Elven spirits of healing and purification she has always been an invaluable asset in a fight. The uplifting nature of her bubbly personality, with a quip or a bright smile even in the midst of the most dire circumstances, may have been beloved by some of the group and mildly irritating to others - but kept morale up for everyone nonetheless. During your travels she swore the Oath of the Ancients, to serve as a protector of the land. It was also during that time she found her totem animal, the Bear, who has served as her spiritual guide ever since.

Since the group parted and went their separate ways you know that she was involved with the development of what is now known as the Singing Glens, a winding string of land in the west that is riddled with interconnecting gorges and waterfalls, some of which are rumoured to have healing properties. Some of you will have heard of people who have traveled to the Singing Glens (or intend to someday), particularly those skilled in the healing arts or those in need of healing. It has become popular for the chronically ill to make a pilgrimage to the Glens.

Gaylia and Edmon:
Gaylia and Tilly:

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