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Character Profile: Edmon Fynn the Human Rogue

When the group knew him Edmon Fynn was a relatively well-maintained man in his early through mid 20s. Clean shaven, hair cut in a modern style, wearing trim, well fitting leathers. Not a dandy by any means, but not a slob either.

Born a farm boy in Pelham’s Pier he grew up tending the cattle and sheep, but when in his late teens the town was invaded by an organized group of orcs and goblinkin. Between things he’s said and what you’ve heard through public knowledge you have learned that the town was occupied for several years and the townsfolk subjected to brutal oppression. During that time Edmon was young and fiery, full of righteous indignation as he joined the underground resistance of townsfolk fighting back against their oppressors. After some time however he worried more and more that being caught as a rebel would lead to retaliation against his large family who still maintained their farm on the outskirts of town, supplying the humanoid army. In the wake of a string of retributive murders Edmon slipped out of town, joining up with your group on the road not long afterward.

During your time together you could see the easygoing farm boy he had once been, overshadowed not infrequently by the rebel he’d become. Never as rash or overly quick to act as many young men can be, Edmon had been an invaluable member of the group when deadly silence was needed, but get him talking about orcs or goblins or Pelham’s Pier and a smouldering fire of rage would light his eyes. For the most part he kept these emotions in check, but occasionally in the early years you had seen him go off on an orc perhaps more than was strictly necessary.

While you knew him he also maintained an interest in animals and creatures you encountered through your adventures, sometimes dissecting them to compare them to the animals he’d slaughtered for food in his youth. He had tried, on a few occasions, to harvest the claws or teeth or venom from a felled creature with the intent of making it into a weapon, though these attempts were rarely successful.

Near the end of your adventuring years together Edmon had become an even more serious and stealthy killer, following the ways of the assassins of old. To those closest to him it seemed that his desire for revenge grew even as his outward demeanour became more calm and calculated. After years of traveling together and building your skills as a group, the party had gone to Pelham’s Pier to drive out the invading force. With the help of the local rebels and some key people you’d met in your travels you were able to oust the orcs and goblinkin and find that the masterminds behind their unusually organized occupation were a human brother and sister named Mordus and Lucia Vilcath. At the end of that endeavour two significant events happened; Mordus was killed and you effectively removed the orcs and goblins and restored the town, however Lucia escaped. Also during the final throes of battle Edmon’s entire family (and it was a big family) was killed. The group wasn’t able to stop it, and though you had saved the town you went to their farmstead where Edmon burned the barn and all in it to the ground, refusing to let anyone even look inside.

After that Edmon changed. He became obsessed with tracking down Lucia and delivering vengeance. You tried to find Lucia, chasing some leads which led to further adventures, but she always eluded you. It was a fight over whether to pursue a new and dubious lead on Lucia's whereabouts that led Edmon to leave the group, presumably heading off on his own in search of his nemesis. Some of you have no idea what happened to him after that. If you were particularly interested in trying to find out please email the DM.

Edmon Fynn was born and raised a farm boy on the outskirts of the medium-sized town of Pelham’s Pier. In the summer of Edmon’s 14th year, the town was attacked by orcs and goblinkin. Edmon’s family promised to supply food for the occupying army in return for safety. The leaders of the army saw the farmers as slaves, but useful slaves with skills that they themselves did not have. Thus things continued for a time. After the initial shock of the invasion passed, a resistance flared and Edmon happily joined. Following some initial successful skirmishes however the army, under the direction of a half-orc called General Rengh, cracked down on the citizens. Edmon was forced to flee, knowing that if he were ever caught as a member of the resistance that his family’s lives would be forfeit. Soon after his escape Edmon met up with the others of the group, whereupon adventures ensued. Though the group enjoyed many years of harmonious companionship, it took Edmon much longer to warm to Tethran. As the group’s travels went on, he eventually came around - or so it seemed.

After some years together the group journeyed back to Pelham’s Pier, with key reinforcements at their back. It was during that journey that Edmon and Tethran seemed to have an irreparable falling out. Neither seemed inclined to speak much of whatever brought the change about. When pressed Edmon only shook his head and spat. “There are some things you just don’t make light of.”

Once the group arrived at the town, the attack began. The humanoids, disorganized and not expecting a coordinated attack, lost the battle. General Rengh was destroyed, but not before the escaping monsters caused as much chaos as possible. As the last parts of the humanoids were being quelled, the group got word of a skirmish out near his farm. The group hurried out there, to find the farmhouse empty and a scene of horror centered around the barn. Edmon was the first and only one into the barn - whatever he found there made him back out quickly and empty his stomach onto the ground.  

“No one goes into the barn,” he said simply as the others approached. “They are beyond help.” Stunned, the group watched as he slowly, wordlessly barred the door and set the barn ablaze. To your knowledge, he never spoke of that day again.

In the aftermath of the battle the group hunted down the orchestrators of the attack, a pair of human siblings. The cleric, Mordus Vilcath, was killed. The wizard, Lucia Vilcath, elder sister to Mordus, escaped in the chaos. Edmon became obsessed with finding Lucia, and the group helped him hunt for her until the trail seemed to turn cold. Several months later he discovered another lead. Once again he turned to his friends and told them he’d learned Lucia was in the dwarven city of Dhun Lomir many miles away and the guest of a Clan Elder.

Edmon detailed what he knew but ravaged as he was by grief, to the group it seemed more likely that the merchant from whom he had learned the information was simply angling for a few extra coins. At best the lead was unlikely, if admittedly possible. Incredulous, Edmon argued his case but the group could not come to agreement. In the end, sharp words were exchanged on both sides. When the group awoke in the morning, Edmon was gone.

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